Tuesday, June 20, 2017

SHOTS FIRED!!: America's Thriving Gun Culture

SHOTS FIRED!!: America's Thriving Gun Culture:                    With each new dawning, it appears that American society is becoming less and less shocked by the unprec...

Saturday, June 17, 2017

America's Thriving Gun Culture



     With each new dawning, it appears that American society is becoming less and less shocked by the unprecedented use and abuse of guns. Accessibility and the sale of guns (legal and illegal) in the country  is at an all time high. The new societal norm is 'conceal and carry', 'open carry' and 'stand your ground' laws. The violent shooting spree of Laurie Dan was a big surprise in the Chicagoland area in 1957. The Chardon High School shooting also came as surprise as did Sandy Hook.   Unfortunately, for many Americans these unsuspected frightening incidents of terror involving at public venues are not points of reference for reducing America's thriving gun culture. Crime scene tape and public memorials with flowers, balloons, teddy bears and lite candles are not anomalies. The scenes of violence that were once so prominent in urban gun infested neighbors are now becoming common place in all too many rural and suburban streets and play lots. With a nostalgic  nod to legendary famous lawman 'Wild Bill Hickok'  and the infamous lawbreaker Al Capone it's time for Americans to 'own' their escalating mass murder image.

     In the last five decades Americans have witnessed an alarming upsurge in incidents of public - space mass murders . The F.B.I. reportedly defines mass murder as a death scene investigation involving 4 or more deceased individuals. It was previously thought that
mass murders were only committed by disassociated-American citizens. However, recent studies indicate that a majority of these occurrences were ignited by hatred, bigotry, vengeance and/or intolerance. Additionally, these unsettling multiple killings have often been committed by individuals with suspected disorder(s) of the mind. Moreover, it should be noted that a majority of these offenders were also excessively armed perpetrators of violence.  Across the nation, many event planers and crowd management professionals would be remise in their duties if the possibility of death by firearm use or abuse was not a prioritized  agenda item. Moreover, scores of healthcare professional and  most recently the CDC  note incidents of firearm deaths as signaling the real possibility of a public safety issue. 

Once the domain of law enforcement, veterans and hunters, shooting ranges now cater to a more diversified clientele. Now, it is not uncommon to observe children too young to legally drive, drink and/or smoke practicing at the shooting range with combat proven side arms, rapid firing weapons. Have we become immune to death by firearms?  Given the growing issues of polarization over Amendment Rights vs. Human Rights; political ideology vs. national ideology, what looms ahead for America?  When will enough, be enough? Or is the real question - Can our thriving gun culture snuff out a once thriving culture image?



Friday, November 14, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014



         Several decades ago it was not uncommon to hear many African-American ancestors often proclaimed: 'You are what you eat.' This was the generation that honored and was closer to the soil. This was the generation that ate fresh and complete meals. Besides a 'tall glass of water', complete meals always included foodstuffs from above, below and upon the earth. This was the generation upon which Kellogg built his innovative health spa. This was the generation of patriot victory gardens. Now, that I'm in my septuagenarian years I have  also come to believe that my ancestors had gotten it right and I have begun heeding their sage advice. These savvy seniors held on to the same belief that their ancestors held. My age-appropriate nutritional needs are best achieved by a dietary emphasis upon seasonal produce, fresh meat, poultry, fowl, whole grains and fiber-rich foods. My elders truly knew that one of the most important keys to longevity and optimal health was simply ~ Eat Well  to Be Well.  Has your diet changed due to age, wisdom an/or medical restrictions? If so, how?